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My friend and I spent the past week in Shanghai and Hong Kong. We can both say Jakarta was the best of the 3. This was solely because of Tour Leader. Her knowledge of the city was invaluable. Restaurants, sightseeing and places for a casual drink. They were perfect. Tour Leader makes you feel right at home. She knows how to get things done. This is very important for someone from the States. My friend had a problem with his eye and within hours we had an appointment with an eye specialist. They were more professional than our doctors at home. This could have been a terrible situation but became pleasant outcome and saved the trip Both of us travel extensively around the world and this was one of Our best experiences.

Della Agustiara

First time nyobain lunch box yang bulgogi super enaknyaaa ditambah higienis dari segi bahan2 serta pembuatanya.. selanjutnya order tumpeng buat acara kantor, best favorite sekali sate nyaaaa dan baru2 ini pesan snack for meeting (jajanan pasar) lemper nya enak bgt gurih dan ayamnya enak, roti cheese nya juga lembut banget so far semuanya RECOMENDED.. dan satu lagi, packagingnya rapih sekaliii... Bakal langganan nih sepertinya

Tannimara Limans

Academic Life Coaching program help me a lot to find and maintain balance in life. I learned to be more positive, to discover my own self once again and to practice self-acceptance more. I'm much happier and worry less. Thanks SMI for the support!


It feels good to know that you have healthy food coming your way every single day.

Arifin Tantoso

Great Services, great foods, and worth every penny of it