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Communication is the biggest problem contributor in every problems. Sometimes, repress your feeling will not help you at all. Run away from that is the worse one.

To restore every relationship that broken , you should be open and bluntly honest. It takes courage.

It will show you who stick around or leave you whether you like it or not, ready or not.

Facing high expectation from our surrounds overwhelmed us in certain point. From families , best friends , peer groups. It challenge you when you build your future until you don't have much time to do that. This is when the communication problems come. And you can lose your family and best friends. How you deal with that ?

Create the problem is easier compare to fix it. All of us need family and friends. A shoulder to cry on,back up, correction and get us back on the track.

Believe me , once you get your family and friends back , it can boost your spirit unlimited and open your eyes to remind you how blessed you are.

Not every family and friends will apply unconditional love. Most of all, family is important. So , when you have it , never blow it. Only family who will never betray you , leave you and let you down. Because your happiness is their happiness as well.

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