We not Me

Posted by stressmanagementindonesia
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The number one medicine in this world is unconditional love. Unconditional love means that people with no standard whom will love and support you no matter what.

I just want to thank my Group for unconditional love and support given after my family. These Group contribute my Growth.

Personal Notes : No One Can Walk The Journey Alone. Find your Group. Somebody who will pray for you , never gossip about you (too busy to support each other) , backstab , give hard advice , protective , sincere and easy going. So you can be yourself without mask. It will contribute Recovery Progress Growth.

End 2018 by pray with Mike and Wan in the stair. This Christmas and Thanksgiving Pot Luck , i bring ice cream. How i missed my own brothers and sisters.

My Leaders Note :

Connect Groups are a reminder that you are never alone. Life can be like a rollercoster and it's a great and encouraging feeling knowing that there is a group of people who are patiently and lovingly walking alongside you through it. Amazing friendships have been born through our CG, together we get to experience and be reminded of GOD's abundant Grace, Endless Love and Faithfulness every single week. Not to mention having LOTS OF FUN and FOOD TOGETHER! Mike & Wan - CG Leaders