Why PT Stress Management Indonesia ?

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It's called Life Purpose or Calling. You can't run from it. As this dream has the biggest area in your heart. Not everyone will understand about this.

In end 2008, after walk out from Abusive Relationship. I had suicidal tought. Around 1 minutes, the Bus will hit me. Suddenly someone called me and said that she would suicide. Suddenly i forgot my plan and busy to save her. Since then, my healing journey started. I started to pray in 2010 what's my Calling. I help 2 taxi drivers to healed. One of them crying so hard and driving at the same time. After we arrived, i see his smile. It can't trade with anything in this world. That's the time , i'm back to school in 2011 and get my Psychology Degree. Unfortunately, my memory got decline in 2014. I had to go to One Clinic and introduced of Nature Healing Path. Since i practice the Doctor advice, the memory improving. It affect the Mental Health as well. That's why i wanted to share that everyone is unique and there is a hope. You can recover. Even there's a time when it happen again. But you will be more well prepare and know what to do when it happen. Give yourself time.

No medicine can heal you unless the strong support systems. Blessed that i have it even sometime it crack and have the replacement short after that. Learning to be a better person everday.

I can testimony you that only LOVE who can heal you. It adjusted based on your personality. Open communication is important. You can't put mask in front of your family, it didn't work. God has a way that soon or later, you have to tell them the truth.

Back in October 7 ' 2014, we start with small movement. Unfortunately, we had to reformat again to find the Path. We do some Events at School and Corporate. In 2015 , PT Stress Management Indonesia legally formed. Help hundreds Personal, School and Corporate Client. Our division was Event , Nutrition , Theraphy , Travelling. The Vision is to raise Funding not through the Foundation but create the Bussiness to fund the Pro Bono Project.

In early 2017, we located in Menteng Executive Apartment. Thus, we move to Senayan Apartment on April 2018.

At the same time , we enter immigration services. We hope that this unit bussiness could fund the movement.

This two months , as a Founder , i slow down and sit to think over. This movement is too big and limited man power slow the progress. I had to admit that the current bussiness model not suitable anymore. I come to conclusion that i have to shut down daily operational of The Wellness Centre. This is the big challenging as Indonesian therapist is limited. This is hard but we have too.

So, starting 2019 we will serve Academic Life Coaching and Professional Executive Coach by Online and Event. This vision confirmed yesterday at 5.58 pm as One of Foreign Ambassador Wife would like to help us starting next year. She's a Doctor and a Public Speaker. We have same vision and value.

Wish us luck!