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Welcome Brandon Graf !

Posted by stressmanagementindonesia
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Pittsburgh Counseling Alliance • 2018

Brandon Graf

Licensed Professional Counselor,LPC

WALDEN UNIVERSITY Clinical Mental Health M.S.

Brandon's main areas of focus are anxiety, fear, depression, and stress. These are all things that many people experience at some point in their lives. They are also typical of existential and spiritual crises. Existentialism in the context of counseling refers to finding meaning in life, especially when questions start to arise. Questions about personal values and sense of direction are common. These questions can be become especially frequent during major life transitions like starting or ending relationships, jobs, and geographical moves. 

His experience is wide-ranging and includes distance counseling, private practice, employee assistance, and drug and alcohol settings. Brandon's counseling style is humanistic, person-centered. As such, he takes a non-judgmental approach that seeks to meet people where they are and to help them articulate what they’re experiencing including solutions for problems that may need to be resolved. This point of view assumes that the therapist is not an expert on the person seeking help, but an assistant on the journey of self-discovery. Brandon has extensive experience in counseling individuals, couples, and families.

His Services :
1. Academic Life Coaching
2. Life Coaching
3. Couple Counseling

Mental Health Counselor                                                          

Pyramid Healthcare Inc.                                                                                                     

Led group therapy sessions for clients suffering with addictions and comorbid disorders Carried out individual, couples, and family sessions with clients and loved ones.
Wrote treatment plans, reviews, psycho-social evaluations, daily treatment notes and discharge summaries.
Led groups at local alternative living facilities. Consulted with psychiatrists and case-workers regarding treatments.



Adelphoi Village

Responsible for leading group, individual, and family counseling sessions. 

Taught small classrooms (5~20 students).

Managed supervision for community service projects.

Planned and organized recreational activities.

Transported clients from their homes to the unit.


Overnight Child Development Specialist                                                                               

The Bradley Center                                                                                                              

Monitored the safety of the child clients during sleep hours (ages 8-18).

Conducted life space  interviews as de-escalation strategy.

Supervised children through completion of daily responsibilities every morning.

Mental Health Counselor                                                                                  

WellConnect Employee Assistance Program                                                                        

Performed all functions and duties of a mental health counselor.

Provided counseling, test/questionnaire administration/interpretation, and referrals.

Performed office management duties including, interactions with prospective and current clients, handling of insurance information, and clerical responsibilities.

Accrued 350 direct client contact hours.


Crisis Intervention Specialist

Contact Beaver Valley                                      

Operated crisis-intervention hot line phones. Participated in and completed “Skills for Better Listening” course.

Provided effective referrals and carried out protocols for callers at-risk of committing suicide.

Counseled and mentored children with asthma at a summer camp for kids suffering with asthma.

Camp Breathe EZ             

Youth Counselor

Counseled and mentored children with asthma at a summer camp for kids suffering with asthma.

Todd Lane Latchkey After-school-program                                                                           

Student Mentor                                                                                                                           

Mentored, supervised, and cared for elementary school students enrolled at an after-school-program for children with working parents.

Responsibilities included leading activities and games, supervision, and mentoring.