Happiness Bundle Terms and Conditions

Happiness Bundle Terms and Conditions

1. All transactions are carried out through HappySelf application

2. For age 16 years old-adult, test must be done immediately after payment without delay

2. Age 5-16 years old must use Basic Self Discovery, age 16 years old-adult can use Basic Self Discovery or Advance Self Discovery

3. E-mail must be active to receive test results and 1 week meal plan

4. Group coaching is done via virtual calls, not face-to-face

5. Delivery of Happiness Bundle 7-14 working days (depending on the clarity of the address, telephone number that can be contacted, courier related to the situation of government restrictions)

6.  Happiness Bundle shipping cost that we bear are only for the Indonesian region

7. Claims for items that are not in good condition must be accompanied by an initial unboxing video

8. Every individual is willing to be "removed" from the Coaching Forum/Group if they do not follow the instructions and there are indications of politics, SARA and pornography

9. Happiness Officer at 08111218113 will help if there are technical problems during working hours from Monday - Sunday at 08.00 - 17.00